Welcome to my website.

A brief introduction

My name is David Wesst, also known as Wessty, also known as DW.

I am an amateur game developer with a day job and a family life. My current goal is to be a "solo indie" where I make my own games and people play them. In a previous life, I was a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) that focused on front-end web dev technology.

About this place

This website is a perpetual work-in-progress side project with the goal of collecting all things that I create: blog posts, talks, game projects, and whatever else I can think of.

You'll see it evolve over time, but in the meatime you should checkout my blog as I've finally managed to get it back online with all the content back to 2015.

You can also find me around these parts:

  • YouTube - Where I post videos every couple of weeks (or so) about game development progress and learnings.
  • Twitter - Where I share random thoughts about stuff, primarily gamedev and the games industry.
  • GitHub - Where I share some projects, like this website, and gamedev tools.