Hello and welcome to my website!

A Note from DW

This is the official website for davidwesst, a.k.a. DW, a.k.a. Wessty.

I managed to break something on the old site. Not sure what, but it's definitely broken, so rather than try and fix a thing I didn't understand (i.e. Hugo) I decided to stick to what I know, which is JavaScript.

The catch is that I spend most of my B-time working on game development rather than web code, so I'll get to it eventually. :)

Here are my old blog posts if you're interested.

They are a little hard on the eyes and there are some issues, so I suggest reading them over at the Western Devs.

In the meantime...

Why not check out my social link down below? You can usually get a hold of me there.

Thanks for Playing!

~ DW

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Website Updates

May 12, 2020

Seems that I managed to get the blog mostly running. Some images are missing on the old posts, and (just like the rest of the site), they don't look pretty. But they are there for you you want them.

Remember: You can always head over to the Western Devs website to find most of these old posts, if it's too hard on the eyes.