Hey Friendo, it’s DW (he/him).

I try to enable creativity with technology, one game at a time. My goal is to play and build cool stuff, plain and simple.

By day, I work in technology by architecting software solutions. By night, I exercise my creativity by creating content, code, and whatever else I feel like making. Oh, and I ❤️ video games. Especially the weird indie ones and anything “retro”. When I’m not playing, I’m tinkering in game development by doing the occasional jam.

Where to Find Me

Blog | Twitter | Twitch | YouTube | LinkedIn

Currently ⚗️ Learning

  • Messing with GDevelop for gamejam purposes
  • Refreshing my C# & Node Skills
  • Web3 & dApps
  • Quantum Computing

Currently 💻 Building

..TBD.. (I’d prefer to show, not tell)

Currently 🎮 Playing

Shenmue II (PS4) [LINK]