David Wesst

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Hey Friendo, it’s DW (he/him).

My goal is simple: code cool stuff, but I like to think of that as making ideas a reality through code, creativity, and devops.

On the tech side usually focus on DevOps Tooling, Web Platform Tech, and .NET with a facination with C. On the softer side, I’m a firm believer in clear and continual communication, which is why I pratice on Twitch weekly; and applying creativity to create innovative software solutions.

Where to Find Me

I’ve been on social media since it became a thing, but these are the places I’m most active.

Blog | Twitter | Twitch | YouTube | LinkedIn

Currently ⚗️ Learning

  • DevContainers! DevContainers! DevContainers!
  • C, CMake, and C Bindings to other languages
  • Quantum Computing

Currently 💻 Building

Currently 🎮 Playing