Hey Friendo, it’s DW.

You might know me as Wessty, or David Wesst, or that guy from that conference that one time. Either way, if you’re here we should be friends.

I’m a professional technologist by day and an amateur creative by night, focusing mostly on video games, video game development, and searching for inspiration for the next thing. In a previous life, I was a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) that focused on front-end web dev technology, but left that behind to focus more on family (I have children and I like being quite involved in their lives) and my passion for video games.

Current Projects

I keep a couple of side-projects (i.e. not my day job) going because I enjoy playing with the tech and playing the role of a product owner.

  • davidwesst.com - This includes not only the site, but my content creation across mutliple platforms.
  • Out the Door - A Ludum Dare 47 game that I made about getting yourself ready for work.

Current Gameplay

Video games I’m currently playing. This is not necessarily what what I stream on Twitch, but you might see some content or references around my blog or YouTube channel.

Current Curios

A few topics I’m currently digging into because I’m curious and find them interesting.