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Cocoboko Studios is a dream-in-progress

It might sound cheesy, but it's true.

Named after an inside joke I had with my daughter when she was still a toddler, Cocoboko Studios is a dream of mine to build cool stuff with code and share it with the world. I say it's a "dream-in-progress" because it is. It's something I dream about constantly, and work on it whenever I have the time and the focus.


Japanese emoji inspired cat face moving it's ears and whiskers in a joyful motion.

Quantum Pet Control (game)

Welcome to Quantum Pet Control-- the first line of defense for keeping the qWeb open and available to all of humanity. Take your time (but not too much time) applying the 3 C's (Comfort, Cleanliness, and Care) to all the quantum pets out there making sure they and their owners/sponsors are kept happy. Or else we all will suffer the concequences again.

More Info Soon...

Title screen of the game 'Out the Door' with a little 2D pixel art avatar walking in place with two frames of animation.

Out the Door (game)

Today is your first day at your new job! It's an early start, but you don't mind because YOU can get ready for a great in 30 minutes or less... ...OR CAN YOU

Check it out!

Screenshot of a modal window in a web browser asking to load a collection file.

Video Game Library (app)

Why is keeping an inventory of your video games and hardware such a chore? With VGL, it doens't have to be. This web-enabled mobile and desktop application works right from the browser and DOES NOT require an account to get it working. Your inventory data is, and always will be YOUR DATA. The VGL just makes it easier to manage.

More Info Soon...