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Elemental Gearbolt (PS1)

The Details

Gameplay: 3

It's a rail shooter with limited continues even on the easiest difficulty. It's what average, although it definitely has it's moments.

Controls: 2

Without a light gun, it's twitchy cursor movement, and I'm not a fan of that one bit

Story: 2

The game is clearly trying to put an interesting story together, but the term to takeway is "trying". It feels forced and doesn't really add anything, other than some kind of reward when you finish level, such that you get more anime style story. The catch is that you ahve to repeat the story a lot as it's an arcade game. The instructions elaborate a lot, but the game really didn't seem to keep my attention on the story.

Puzzles: 0

There are no puzzles. It's a rail shooter.

Co-op Style: Couch

I think playing this with someone would have been a lot of fun. I felt I was getting better, even after 2 hours, and I think it would have been even easier with 2 people getting better that whole time.

The Hook

The RPG mashup and the cutscenes. This is a Working Designs game and that means it has anime cutscenes, weak voice acting, and some good weirdness.

The Fun

The cutscenes and getting good. When you do manage to make progress and get a bit better, you certainly feel good. Especially after you beat the boss.

The Less Fun

The git gud stuff that all rail shooters have.