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Maniac Mansion (NES)

The Details

Gameplay: 4

Interactive SCUMM game where you solve puzzles with a group of three teens (out of 7), each with a special skill that can enable different actions, ending, and story in the game

Controls: 3

Uses command interface with d-pad cursor, which is a bit awkward. Can use common commands with select button, but clearly a PC port.

Story: 3

It's a silly story and for the time, it does well. A lot of jokes, and they bring the player along for the ride by breaking the fourth wall once and a while. Really appreicate Ron Gilbert's early work.

Puzzles: 4

Enjoyable, even with the occasional moon logic puzzle. Would probably be lower if I didn't already have a familiarity with the game.

Co-op Style: Collaborative

Any idea is plausible and having extra another perspective can unlock new endings, content, or areas. This actually happened on stream by finding a new "death" ending with the green tentacle.

The Hook

The humour and weirdness definitely make you want to stay. They bring you in with little vignettes or cut-scenes to introduce you to the weirdness the family in the mansion causes and lives with.

The Fun

The combination of humour, mystery, and exploration. Especially the exploration factor, as there are a lot of rooms to explore in the game, each with its own set of secrets.

The Less Fun

Moon logic puzzles. Sometimes the threads to lead you to a solution are very thin or not obvious at all.