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Metal Gear Solid (Greatest Hits) (PS1)

The Details

Gameplay: 4

It's a cinematic sneaky game, one of the first big ones that I can remember, and it's fun (even if I'm bad at it)

Controls: 4

The controls are good, but I definitely need practice to get used to them. Played with a DualShock 2 with rumble, but can imagine it would have been harder with just the d-pad.

Story: 3

Just like the NES game, this story is bananas, but works well with the gameplay. Things like Psycho Mantis, and just player interferance with the story delivery is always great.

Puzzles: 3

It's stealth, which is fine, just not my favourite.

Co-op Style: Couch

I think someone backseatting would enjoy this because it's pretty much like a movie, and I could probably use the help on parts that are "easy".

The Hook

That flavour (see the fun) really keeps me wanting to meet new characters and figure out what is going on. In the first two hours, it kept the story beats flowing

The Fun

The story and the flavour around the story. Between the different characters you can call on the radio, you get different ideas from different people on what's going on. Considering it's a solo stealth game, its really impressive they manage this B-rate story with so many different characters through just the codec screen.

The Less Fun

The sneakiness and the need to practice with the controls. That's probably more of a "me" problem, but it's definitely less fun for me for that reason. I like feeling in control in the first 15 minutes or so.