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Mission: Impossible (NES)

The Details

Gameplay: 4

Combination of puzzle solving and action. Very Metal Geat, but very cool to see the combination of action gameplay and puzzle solving in an NES title. Mutliple ways through a level is provides a bit of openness to the game, although quite limiting.

Controls: 4

Each character has specialties and feels different, which works for the game. Need to learn who is right for the job.

Story: 2

Just like the movies, it was there and it was okay. They justified their actions, but wove the spy narrative into the gameplay. Nothing anything fancy, but it did sort work.

Puzzles: 3

Quite difficult without FAQ, and still challenging even with an FAQ. Need to explore the level to figure out what you need to do to progress and that usually involves a lot of death by trial and error.

Co-op Style: Collaborative

A second mind and a second pair of hands to play through the level would have been very helpful for breaks and less "git gud" issues.

The Hook

The sandbox and puzzle of figuring out how to progress in kept me playing and made me want to "git gud".

The Fun

The multistep process to solve the level. It really does feel like you need to think like a spy team to make it work, although it appears that you're not totally blocked if you lose one of your characters.

The Less Fun

The trial and error gameplay without a mid-level save point. Need to get good at the different tasks, which you do by repeating them over and over again, but it's not a style of gamplay that has aged particularily well.