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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (XB)

The Details

Gameplay: 4

Big open world. Classic western style RPG. It's almost overwhelming how open and large the game is, especially for its time. The system of practice improves the skill is one that I'm no longer familiar with, as it's been a while since I played Oblivion or Skyrim, but I still think it holds a certain charm, even though it make it weird watching the player sneak and jump everywhere.

Controls: 3

Movement feels fine, but fighting felt weird. It's a dice roll on each hit, and although it looks like you're connecting-- unless you see blood or get some kind of confirmation, you it's not actually a hit.

Story: 2

The Elder Scrolls series always has a mountain of lore for you to explore, and Morrowind is no different. Everything from the weird wildlife to the histories of different families is around for you to learn about, but it is not the thing that drive the game forward. The story exists to support the gameplay, but Morrowind feels like a fantasy life simulator in a lot of ways where you get dropped into the world and you just go. It really reminds me of Wizardry V that I played previously, but with a lot more detail, polish, and overall immersion thanks to the lead in tech the XBox brings over the SNES.

Puzzles: 2

Didn't come across many puzzles. Only the "dialogue" puzzle of getting people to like you. It's fine. Pretty simple and feels pretty random, but it's just that: fine. Not good, not great, not bad, just fine.

Co-op Style: None

Single player only. Someone may watch, but it's a single player RPG, through and through.

The Hook

The freedom. You get moving and you're off to do whatever it is you need to do. There is a main campaign, but they even tell you to go off and get yourself involved in guilds and such before you continue the main quest and become a "blade".

The Fun

For me it was the exploration. Just being dropped into this world and reading about it's weirdness is amazing. Giant insects that are driven like buses by the driver moving their organs´┐Żit's just bizarre and facinating, all at the same time. The look is a little dirty and dusty, but there is a lot to explore and I think I could get into it.

The Less Fun

The battle system. As much as it could have just been me, I really didn't find it easy or intuitive to understand how to land a hit. It's more likely me, but the fact that I didn't really understand or know after two hours, feels like the game missed something.