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Ultima VI: The False Prophet (SNES)

The Details

Gameplay: 2

This game feels like a lofi Elder Scolls game, except all the of the story and lore is gated by inside jokes from the first five games. You get setup and set off into the world, but the catch is that you need to level up and go on adventures to get yourself ready to take on the first tasks. They don't tell you that, and that's fine, but there wasn't anything else to really immerse yourself in except to talk to people about how great you were in the previous games. After the first hour of that, I grew tired of it and just wanted to get a pinch of direction.

Controls: 3

Good. They are turn-based, and are fine. Felt good enough on the SNES, but didn't really do anything special on the hardware. Rather, it felt like you could have done almost everything on an NES controller.

Story: 2

I want to say this is less good, but I know that people that follow the Ultima series would appreciate the story element of the game. I just don't know that world, which means I don't understand most of the references, story, or inside jokes the developers were getting at throughout my time with the game. It was frustrating because I know there is more there for me to learn, but I don't have the will or want to go and learn all the lore of the first five games.

Puzzles: 2

The only puzzle was figuring out how to get out of the castle, which was really a tutorial on how to control the player and explore the world. Sometimes it felt like they were trying simulate a little too much of the medival English times environment, but then again, maybe that's just part of the Ultima experience. Wasn't bad, but wasn't really interesting either.

Co-op Style: None

Single player RPG. Plain and simple.

The Hook

The humour. If I spent more time exploring and learning about the characters, I think I would have gotten some more out of it, but the writing was pretty decent, even if I didn't get a lot of the references.

The Fun

Exploration, although I'm sure I would get more if I spent the time learning about the previous games and understanding the story behind each relic in the museum. It seemed like the characters were all reoccuring characters from the previous games, as confimed by chat.

The Less Fun

The inside joke style lore and immediate need to level. That was really how all console games went prior to Final Fantasy-- but it didn't really age well.