Tag: web-development

  • Open Graph Tools and Resources for Web Nerds (Like Me)

    A compilation of tools and resources I used to implemented the Open Graph Protocol (OGP) for my website to make posts and pages more engaging on LinkedIn and other social networks.

  • Sonar, the Linter I Never Knew I Wanted

    Meet Nellie the Narwhal, the official mascot for Sonar, the linting tool for the web. Nellie represents a tool that is long-overdue. It provides any web application the ability to verify they are meeting a high level of quality when it comes to their web applications, and not miss any common mistakes.

  • Instant Eyedropper: The Colour Picker Tool I've Been Missing

    I came across this today, and I wanted to share it as this is the first time I’ve found a simple, minimalist eyedropper tool that allows me to get the HEX value (or another variety of colur value) of any colour that is on my screen.