Why do I JavaScript?

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The answer is simple: I don’t want to limit about my platform options on day one.

JavaScript is the native language of that whole “Internet” thing, plus it’s supported on a ton of platforms natively in one way or another.

For example:

DW JS FAQ - Demo

Nothing special, right? In fact, the syntax doesn’t even really look “normal”. The point is the code can run on:

I know I’m over simplifying things, as the code won’t just run automatically on all these platforms. The hard part isn’t getting it run on the platform, but ensure that your user’s platform can run your code.

Unless you’re some kind of name, or have a large scale brand or buzz or investment backing your idea, you likely aren’t going to sway your user away from their device(s) of choice.

So, I ask once again: why would you limit yourself from day one?

The Point

I realize there are a lot of things I’m not covering here; such as the fact that native apps have richer functionality when written in their native programming language.

That is totally true.

But, if you don’t have a specific reason for sticking to a single platform, why would you limit your code base right from the start? Especially, when the native language of that whole “Internet” is JavaScript?

In any case, that is why I JavaScript and why I think you should JavaScript too.

Thanks for playing. ~ DW